Introducing The Alpha Caseback Opener Tool for Omegas

$53.35 (Wire) / $55.00$65.00 (Card)
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This tool works very well with Omega Speedmaster Professional models. It works with vintage as well as modern references. It was also found that it works well with pre-Professional, straight lug Speedmaster models as well as Seamaster 300 and Railmaster models. A complete list of reference can be found at bottom of this page.

This is a tool designed to help prevent scratching while opening your vintage or modern Omega Speedmaster (as well as some other models). Unlike the universal caseback openers, which have 3 “teeth” and are prone to slipping if not adjusted correctly, the ALPHA tool contains 6 teeth, which fill up every slot of your caseback. This gives you a much better overall grip on the caseback. If attempting to turn the Alpha tool by hand proves to be too difficult and the caseback does not want to give-in, you may use the drilled tunnel of the tool to get yourself better leverage and apply more force by using any common household item like a screw driver.

The Alpha tool has been successfully tested on following reference numbers:


  • 2998, 2915, 105.002, 105.003

  • 105.012, 145.012, 145.022-69

Professional Models
  • 145.022
  • 145.0022
  • 3590.50
  • 3570.50
  • 3572.50
  • 3592.50
  • 3573.50
  • 311., etc.

Other Omega models including Seamaster 300 and Railmaster

  • 165.024, 2913, 14755, 2194 etc.